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Tuesday Recap (#6)

My weekly review.

Abandoned: The Unremembered by Peter Orullian. I really wanted to like this, but thirty pages in it was wall-to-wall Extruded Fantasy Product, and the writing was not spectacular. I need either ideas or writing to keep me going at that point, so I gave in. Alas.

Also Read: An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham, which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow. (A preview: OMGWTFBBQ. Also, the library cannot get me The Price of Spring fast enough. This is why I’m afraid of buying an ereader – if I’d had one available when I’d finished that book at one in the morning, I’d have bought the next one and dug in immediately.)

Reviewed: The Last Unicorn graphic novel adaptation (Hot Off the Press); The Mad Bomber of New York by Michael M. Greenburg (Hot Off the Press). It’s a new books week!

We also talked about ereaders – and in the comments, the benefits of paper books. You can’t line a room with ebooks, after all.

In the wider world: Bookshelves of Doom over at Kirkus is asking for your recs for YA noir. As a massive noir fan, I am all about this idea, but I can’t comment there since I don’t have a Facebook account. I’ve read You Killed Wesley Payne by Sean Beaudoin, and a friend recced me Nickel Plated by Aric Davis – got any other YA noir reads?

Tuesday Review (#5)

My weekly review and recap.

Also Read: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. #4 – The Dagger Affair by David McDaniel. You know how some days you just don’t want to read any of the books you’re currently reading? I had one of those on Saturday and grabbed this out of my TBR stack to take to work. I picked up a stash of these old TV tie-ins at a used bookstore a couple of years ago, and they’re wonderful brain candy. This one was actually surprisingly good – all the characters were solid, including the creepy, creepy Thrush San Fransisco couple, and the plot carried itself along at a good clip. The ending fell apart a little, but then, it’s not like you’re afraid Napoleon or Illya are going to die or anything. It reminded me of the best episodes of season one and two, which is all I can ask for from a tie-in novel.

Also also read:The Devil in Gaylord’s Creek” by Sarah Monette, available free online at Fantasy Magazine. (Monette is one of my favorite authors; expect to see a link here every time she has a new story up somewhere.) This is a great short about loss and devastation and monsters – go, read.

Reviewed: Libra by Don DeLillo (New to Me), Rope of Thorns by Gemma Files (Hot Off the Press), Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell (New to Me). It was a finishing week.

In the rest of the world: I am horribly, horribly sad that I am not able to attend the American Library Association conference this year in New Orleans. Exciting stuff is happening – 3M is unveiling their new digital library platform (a competitor to Overdrive, at last!), the director of the Wikimedia Foundation will be speaking (I can’t wait to see all the tweets from that program), and of course all those free books I’m missing out on!… (I’m consoling myself with egalleys from Net Galley). If you’re also a librarian, or you’re just interested in what libraries do, track the #ala11 tag on Twitter and elsewhere June 23-28 and see what all the fuss is about.

The Tuesday Review (#3)

My weekly book-and-life recap for all my lovely followers. <3

Also Read: A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham, which I will be reviewing properly later in the week.

Reviewed: Busman’s Honeymoon by Dorothy L. Sayers

Introduced: Actually, I introduced quite a few things this week. I told you about The List, the behemoth that continually feeds my reading habit; I participated for the first time in the Friday Book Blogger Hop; and I started a new set of categories for my reviews. (You can see them in the sidebar over there. There’s one more, too, that hasn’t made an appearance yet; I’m hoping it will arrive this weekend.)

Elsewhere: You can find me now on Twitter! Follow me @jenemoore for updates on blog posts, Goodreads, and Echo Bazaar, plus the occasional random trivia.

That’s all I’ve got this week, folks. It’s been a crazy time here at Chez Hopeful, between the heat and the summer rush at work. What have you all been doing this week?

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