Tuesday Recap (#7)

My weekly summary of my blog activity.

It’s been a busy week! Aside from all the blogging I’ve been doing, I spent the weekend helping out a friend run her booth at a festival — and this week I’ll be with her again for the North American Discworld Convention! If you’ll be there, drop me a note, I’d love to meet people in person. I’ll be at the Ravenworks booth most of the time, but I hope to be able to pop out for the Good Omens panel and Sir Terry’s readings, if possible. And yes, of course I’ll report back!

Also Read: Dead by Sunset by Ann Rule. I love Ann Rule books. I am fascinated by true crime stories — I think it’s part of my general anthropological interest. In order to understand something well, you have to understand its failure state, and well, there isn’t much more of a failure state than the kind of people who show up in true crime stories. But Ann Rule is my favorite true crime writer, because of her unrelenting empathy. She never blames the victims for what happened to them, and she does her best to show you how they ended up in such a position. She even does a fairly decent job of treating the murderers as human beings, trying to understand why they might have turned out as they did. I’ve read plenty of true crime that can’t do either, and it bothers me. I’ll stick to Ann Rule, for the most part.

Reviewed: An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham; Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy.

Also Posted: A couple of summer reading lists, for fantasy novels and for popular anthropology. Hey, I’m doing my best to get everyone else obsessed with my favorite things, too!

New Feature: I also posted the first of a new feature, Saturday Shorts, where I’ll link to short stories found across the internet. I started out with an old favorite, Lois McMaster Bujold’s “The Mountains of Mourning,” but next week I’ll start in with new fiction. New! Free! What could be better than that?


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