The Tuesday Review (#4)

The weekly recap, books and more.

Also Read: Medieval Gentlewoman by ffiona Swabey. This book was perfect for what I wanted it to be – I’m thinking about writing a novel set in either a historical or a fantasy universe based around a young widow who’s the head of a household, and I needed some more background on just what sort of things she’d be responsible for. Medieval Gentlewoman is a sort of pseudo-biography of a widowed head of household, a description of how late medieval manors and estates worked and how women held positions of responsibility even though they tend to vanish in traditional history. It was pretty dry going, though, and I wouldn’t recommend it for someone looking for some fun history reading.

Also also read: Six Months, Three Days by Charlie Jane Anders, available online at A wonderful short story about potential and futures and certainty. I loved it, you should give it a try.

Reviewed: A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham (New To Me), Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke (Previously On)

Blog News: I’ve decided to categorize my reviews: you can find them by in the sidebar on the right, under the green folder icon. We’ll now be seeing:

  • Hot Off the Press: Early reviews & reviews of new books, for definitions of new that equal “released within the last year”
  • New To Me: Reviews of books I’ve just read that are older than a year, whether that means “a year and five days” or “several centuries old”
  • Previously On: Reviews and ramblings about old favorites, for when I’m in the middle of reading too many books and haven’t finished one to review
  • Other Stories: Occasional reviews of storytelling in non-book form, be it movies or music or video games

In the Wider World: Hopeful Librarian is still hopeful, although library jobs are still thin on the ground. If anybody out there needs a highly-motivated, well-read reference librarian, give me a yell.

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