Reasons why I should not be allowed to browse

Things I went to the library for: An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham and How to Marry a Millionaire, both on hold; and to return a book and a DVD that I’d finished.

Things I returned from the library with: An Autumn War, How to Marry a Millionaire, Sasha by Joel Shepherd (book one of at least three, I saw the next two on the New Books shelf) and The Dog of the North by Tim Stretton. (How many of these books were on The List, I hear you ask? Guess. That’s right, none.)

Oh, and the book and DVD I meant to return? Still here. Ooops.

About Jen Moore

I'm a recent library school graduate in Madison, Wisconsin, looking for a full-time professional job and trying to manage a fulfilling life in the meantime. Oh, and I read. A lot.

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  1. Reminds me of the trips you took to the local library during your younger years.

    Some things never change ;-)

    • I was just thinking that this might be a throwback to summers of long ago – they are all epic fantasy novels, after all, which I haven’t been reading that much of lately.

  2. This sounds like me when I go to the library.

  3. I’m the same way when I go to the library. At least there are worse things to be addicted to than books!

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