Of Interest: Linda Holmes on being “well-read”

I spotted this wonderful article on NPR this morning on the subject of being well-read — or rather, on the fact that there’s simply no way to do it all. There is too much in the world, too many books, too many movies, too much art for you to experience it all in your life. (In knitting and other handcrafts, this is called “stash exceeding life expectancy,” or the moment you realize you’ll never be able to knit all the yarn you own. I’ve been referring to my to-read list as stash exceeding life expectancy for some time.)

I’ve been feeling this a lot in the past few weeks with movies. I’ve recently discovered the joy of Old Hollywood, thanks largely to my roommate’s love of Humphrey Bogart. (Did you know that Humphrey Bogart is completely amazing? He is. And gorgeous, oh my.) But there’s a good chance I’ll never even see every film noir ever made, and not only because some of them are only available on TCM at two in the morning once every five years. There’s just too much. And I’ve been neglecting modern movies and TV to indulge my new vintage love; the only new movie I’ve seen in two or three months is TRON: Legacy. Haven’t seen a single one of the Oscar nominees, not even The King’s Speech, which is the one I might actually enjoy. There’s just not enough time.

And, as Holmes says, that is wonderful. There is just absolutely no excuse for being bored, not with all this out there. Thousands of movies, hundreds of TV shows, and without exaggeration, millions of books that are worth reading. It’s a wonderful world we live in, sometimes.

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