30 Days of Books: Day Eleven

(This post-every-other-day thing is working for me so much better than the post-every-day thing. Live and learn, I suppose.)

Day 11 – A book that disappointed you

Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis. I read this in a SF book club at our public library in high school, and I really did want to like it. I loved Narnia, I loved science fiction, surely science fiction by C. S. Lewis would be wonderful! Not so much. I can’t actually remember anything about the book at this point, except that it was boring.

I read That Hideous Strength later, in a college literature class about modern mythologies. I still didn’t like it, but at least this time I remember why: there’s just too much allegory. The character who stands in for the combination of Jesus and King Arthur is flat-out annoying, and there’s so much Meaning packed into it at times that it’s hard to get at the story. I should have enjoyed the embodiments of the planets, who basically functioned in the story as minor deities, but with all the explicitly Christian allegory that annoyed me too.

Alas, not all books are for everyone. If anyone can present me with a compelling reason to go back and read the whole trilogy, I might give it a try, but it would never be high on my priority list.

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  1. I definitely agree with the Out of Silent Planet… Completely unmemorable — it’s for people who like Christian allegory but have no real interested in sci-fi…

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