What are you doing for Banned Books Week?

I dropped by my local branch on Tuesday to pick up some holds and they had the most fantastic Banned Books Week display. The sign on the usual display pedestal read “Book Challenges in 2009,” and as well as the usual display slots being filled, there were piles of books all around the bottom of the pedestal on the floor. It was the most striking display I’ve ever seen (although the clerks sounded less than thrilled at the prospect of cleaning it up at the end of the week).

I grabbed a copy of ttyl by Lauren Myracle off the display. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while — I love experimental literature, so this should be just my cup of tea. Besides, this is the book that’s been making people angry all over the country, it’s got to be good.

Oh, Banned Books Week. It almost seems ridiculous that this needs to be said any more, but apparently it does. It is not the library’s job to monitor what your (or anyone else’s) kids are reading. It’s the library’s job to provide people with the information and reading material that they need and want. It is your job to monitor what your kids are reading, and everyone else’s job to monitor what their kids are reading. If we divide up the work and everybody does their part, we can all be happy. Really. I promise.

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