Mission Statement

I am, as you will probably be unsurprised to hear, looking for a job. This is not entirely an unusual situation for a librarian at the moment, particularly one who has just graduated from library school without having had the wisdom to get a job before starting her degree. This also has something to do with the way this blog, which I started for a class and had every intention of using as a self-promotional tool to help me get a job, has been lying dormant.

There are a great many things I would like to be writing about, most of which touch on the nature of librarianship and what, exactly, is the point of what we’re doing. Unfortunately, trying to do that while looking for a job creates so much anxiety that it’s likely to leave me in a quivering little ball under the bed for weeks at a time. And I can’t write job applications from under there.

Also, I looked over all the librarianship-related draft posts I had written up, and they’re all pretty whiny. Which probably also has something to do with my current state of mind.

HOWEVER, the one thing I am still doing regularly that might be worth writing about is reading. I read a lot, whenever I have the time, and I have a lot of time right now. (Well, I’m also volunteering at the public library, but I don’t particularly feel like posting all about helping other people look for jobs, either. Although it is more satisfying than looking for a job yourself, certainly.)

So the next post will be a bunch of little reviews of books I’ve read recently, and so will the next post after that, and probably the next post after that, and so on ad infinitum until I have moved and settled into a full-time professional library job, at which point I will tell y’all about it in great, glowing, and probably obnoxious detail.

Until then.


About Jen Moore

I'm a recent library school graduate in Madison, Wisconsin, looking for a full-time professional job and trying to manage a fulfilling life in the meantime. Oh, and I read. A lot.

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