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It’s National Library Week in Madison!

It’s National Library Week (as you surely know by now) — what’s going on with you? Some of the local Madison events include —

Today I went to a talk on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s “Odd Wisconsin” program, which started out as a little blog feature on their website and has turned into a newspaper feature, a book, and an extremely popular museum exhibit. It’s a lot of fun, check out the archives.

The Madison Public Library is still advocating for a new building, although it looks at this point like it’s going to be a renovation instead. I have to say, it needs it. The architecture and decor is very “1970s Institutional,” and it’s one of the least welcoming libraries I’ve ever been to. Of course, with the economy the way it is… Oh, you know the way this paragraph is going to end.

The UW libraries are hosting an Edible Book Festival, which I only wish I had had time to put something together for. I look forward to checking out all the other entries.

The UW-SLIS library is having their annual silent auction, which I’m expecting to drop…more money than I’d expected on.

And of course, since this looks to be turning mostly into a book review blog, I feel I should add a plug for this year’s honorary chair, the First Neil of the Internet, Neil Gaiman. He’s so ridiculously popular at this point that it’s almost cliche to talk about him as one of my absolute favorite fantasy authors, but it’s true. I was introduced to Gaiman’s work through his absolutely phenomenal Sandman, which is more than twenty years old now and still one of the best comic book series I’ve ever read. If you have any affection for mythology, philosophy, or storytelling, I can recommend it without reservation. If you can get ahold of it (and WorldCat says that a surprising number of libraries have purchased it), I recommend the Absolute Sandman edition, at least for the first volume. The recoloring they did for that edition improves the first few stories to no end. (Ah curses, now I’ve reminded myself how much I love Sandman, and I’ll have to take the time to reread it again…Life as a book-lover is hard, I tell you.)

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