Continues to Fail

The other day I posted about Amazon’s snit-fit, pulling all Macmillan titles from their store during an argument over ebook pricing. I also posted that Amazon had capitulated, agreeing that they would have to go along with Macmillan’s pricing plans.

I think it’s also worth pointing out that, as of this writing, Amazon still hasn’t returned Macmillan titles to its store. You the consumer still can’t buy the books from them. The authors whose books have been pulled are losing sales figures, which is going to impact both their royalties and their contracts for new books.

I agree with John Scalzi on this: while I can understand if not condone pulling titles as a negotiation tactic, keeping them pulled at this point is just petty, and is (or at least should) do Amazon more damage than good in the long run. And if you have a favorite author published by a Macmillan press, consider buying one of their books from somewhere else to help them out.

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