How was your Do Nothing But Read Day?

Okay, I admit, I didn’t exactly do nothing but read, I still had Christmas presents to make. But I did put a book on in the background — the audio book of Tolkien’s Children of Hurin, read by Christopher Lee. It’s pretty maudlin (lots of doom and…okay, mostly doom) but I do love Tolkien’s prose, and Christopher Lee has an amazing talent with the languages. (Yep, I’m one of those Tolkien nerds.)

The rest of the day I read Ash: A Secret History by Mary Gentle, an epic medieval alternate-history fantasy about fourteenth century Burgundy, a Carthage that never existed, and a female mercenary captain who became famous through the writings of her devoted followers. It’s a wonderfully compelling book; even the fight scenes are both readable and believable (read: bloody and confusing), and every single one of the characters is compelling, even Ash’s useless noble husband. I’m particularly impressed that there are only two characters I tend to get confused (a Richard and a Thomas Rochester, similar English names are doom for me), since often in books with a cast of thousands there are a bunch of interchangeable people to fill in the background, but I never get that sense with the mercenary company in Ash. I’m reading the epic 1100-page British edition, but in the US it was published in four volumes; the first is A Secret History: The Book of Ash.


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