Monthly Archives: September 2009

Adding to the Mission Statement

So it turns out that I’m terrible at writing reviews and posting them in a timely manner, which should surprise no one (and would be why this is still the Blog Not Appearing On This Site instead of something more…evocative). However, for this my second-to-last semester in library school, I will be taking a class called Digital Tools, Trends and Debates which will require a certain amount of class-related blogging. Fear not, o vasty Interwebs which so completely ignore my blog, it will be at least marginally interesting.

I am, after all, co-chair of our student LITA group for the year; it seems only right that I ought to be blogging too about technology in libraries. While in the past couple of years LITA has focused on education, I hope that this year we can get more people just playing around with stuff, to the benefit of all. Time will tell, I suppose.

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