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YANB (Yet Another Librarian’s Blog)

Coming to you from the Middleton Public Library (and the Madison Lakeview branch, and the South Central Library System of Wisconsin, and Frugal Muse used booksellers, and the general scourge of my life that is  —

While it’s tempting to become a librarian because you love books, there are two big problems with this plan. 1) Most library work doesn’t have anything to do with the books themselves (true for a long time, but even more true in this age of computer labs and check-out headphones), and 2) A library is a building full of free books. Which is a great idea until you discover that you have to buy more bookshelves just to keep up with the constant flow of library books that would otherwise be covering your floor, and you’re taking the bus instead of driving places because then you can get more reading done, and you’ve gained a huge and slightly freakish trove of knowledge from basically checking out and reading whatever looked interesting while you were reshelving/weeding/walking through the stacks to check up on the guy on the laptop in the corner, and your friends are getting so sick of hearing you go on about whatever book you read last that you have to start a blog to give them a break. Which might not be a bad thing, after all.

I’ll read anything – really, it’s getting out of hand – but I’m particularly fond of anthropology (my B.A. subject), history (which I nearly went to grad school for, if only I could pick an era), and science fiction and fantasy (the great, longstanding love of my life). The best books, of course, are the ones that combine a lot of things at once, and the best experience is being able to read something and see where all the different threads come from and how they combine. (I was almost an English major, too.) That’s what I want to do with this blog; draw together as many different threads as possible while spreading some book love. Think of it as readers’ advisory for the extremely eclectic.

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